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Dr. Claiborn trained with Dr. Milton Erickson in 1978, and he has taught Ericksonian and other paradoxical and family systems approaches locally and nationally. Dr. Claiborn’s doctoral research focused on group therapy, and he has published a textbook chapter on assessment of couples and families.

Dr. Claiborn’s therapy style is a mixture of teaching, coaching, fun, and optimistic confrontation. His style reflects his respect for an individual’s ability to make choices, and his approach can be characterized as existential and educational. He tailors his therapeutic approach uniquely to each client’s personality, utilizing the client’s strengths and respecting the client’s values.

Dr. Claiborn loves psychology and studying the history of psychotherapy. He is also Chair of the Ethics Committee for the Kansas Psychological Association. Please see the associated list to view some of Dr. Claiborn’s special areas of expertise.

  • parenting teenagers

  • gay and lesbian relationships

  • transgender transitions

  • family therapy

  • anxiety

  • pain control

  • marital and pre-marital counseling

  • problem habits

  • narcissistic personality disorder

  • borderline personality disorder

  • innovative psychoterapies

  • communicational differences between men and women

Dr. Claiborn has practiced psychotherapy for over 45 years, and he has received training from many of the field’s innovators. He has been certified in clinical hypnosis and marriage and family therapy, and he has taught these subjects at the advanced doctoral level in universities.


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