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Dr. Claiborn is also currently engaged in ongoing research on police officer assessment and selection. Dr. Claiborn strives to develop a personal relationship with each of his client departments, visiting with administration several times each year, volunteering on teams and committees, and following up with officers involved in critical incidents.


Over 60 departments trust Dr. Claiborn’s judgment, integrity, and dedication and utilize his services. Dr. Claiborn has special training in hostage negotiations and in the detection of deception, and he teaches a variety of topics at regional police academies. His special interests are the criminal mind and the psychopath.

  • pre-employment evaluation

  • management consultation

  • fitness for duty evaluation

  • promotions evaluation and assessment

  • critical incident stress debriefing

  • statement deception analysis

  • team building workshops

  • 360 degree management feedback

  • officer training classes

  • emotional survival and stress

  • management

  • enhancing personal relationships

  • detection of deception

  • suicide intervention

  • risk assessment and officer safety

  • mental illness

  • psychopaths and profiling

  • criminal thinking and behavior

  • techniques of persuasion

  • peer counseling

Dr. Claiborn loves working with cops and firefighters, and he has provided psychological information and expertise in support of law enforcement and fire agencies since 1982. Examples of services and training opportunities provided are listed on this page

Police Psychology Services

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