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Dr. Claiborn believes that early assessment and direct intervention are crucial, and that employees will generally respond well to objective appraisals, realistic feedback, and practical training opportunities. He also believes that training can be fun, and his workshops and teambuilding programs have been highly praised.

Dr. Claiborn’s special interest is in leadership – at all levels within the organization: the principles of effective leadership as well as the training of leadership skills.

  • violence in the workplace

  • effective communication & conflict

  • resolution

  • 360 degree management feedback

  • team assessment and development

  • personality styles training

  • leadership and management

  • assessment and development

  • promotional selection

  • management consultation

  • gender and generational diversity

  • training

  • fitness for duty evaluation

  • critical incident stress debriefing

  • stress management and life balance

  • training

Dr. Dr. Claiborn has provided EAP and executive support services to a number of corporations, hospitals, law enforcement departments, and law firms over the past 35 years. He provides executive assessment and coaching, workshop training, and management consultation in a variety of areas.

Organizational Consultation Services

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